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Web Design Services in Green Bay, WI

Each design we create is custom tailored for your business and the public perception your business wants to convey. We can create the look you want to achieve with the functionality and coding that demands results. Our experience and insight allows us to design a better product that will generate income now and in the future. Enjoy a streamlined and painless process with web design experts.


Mobile Website Design / Responsive Website Design

Making functional and fast loading websites that are optimized for smartphones and tablets is a necessity now that mobile users are frequently a larger portion of website traffic. Our staff has the experience to make sure it's done right.
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Affordable Web Design

IPSSolutions designs websites that are affordable for every business budget. We can work within a set budget or prepare a custom quote for your business needs. We also offer some very affordable packages for 1 page websites, 5 page websites, starter ecommerce stores, premium ecommerce stores, and custom blog sites. IPSSolutions offers something for every web site need - small businesses, business to business, wholesale, large companies, non-profits, community sites, and personal sites will all find affordable options.


Functional Web Design

The web can be a powerful tool to market your business, but it is essential that your design is functional. If internet users can't find the information they're looking for then they'll find it somewhere else, effectively losing you potential customers. Function and ease of use is always a priority when designing a new website. Although it sounds like a basic recquirement you might be surprised how many websites we see that are not meeting basic expections or do not work across all platforms.


Lightweight Web Design

Why is lightweight web design essential? Simply put, so your site loads quickly. Not everyone has a broadband internet connection and broadband is not always fast. The longer it takes your site to load the greater the likelihood that the user will exit, which will also affect your search engine rankings and website visibility. The internet is associated with speed and instant answers and these days people are not prepared to wait for a slow loading website. We design all our sites to be as lightweight as possible.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every site we create comes with basic on page SEO (search engine optimization). IPSSolutions believes it is an essential component of every website and something too many websites are still lacking these days. In addition to our basic on page SEO (search engine optimization) we also offer more advanced and intensive SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns in order to outrank your competitors and deliver the maximum return on investment. Learn more about our SEO (search engine optimization) services.


Email and Website Hosting

A good web host is necessary to make sure your website is always available, loads quickly, keeps backup files, and avoids errors. IPSSolutions features 99.9% guaranteed availability at super speeds, nightly backups, monitored server load to ensure optimal performance, full & accessible support, enterprise quality equipment, hacker resistance, and excellent support. Learn more about our hosting services.


Domain Purchase and Setup

Want a truly hands off approach? IPSSolutions can purchase and setup your domain for you. Learn more about purchasing a website domain and setup.



At least one email address with a premium GFI spam filter is included with every site we design and host. Email features include account forwarding, auto response, and webmail.


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